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Qi Gong 8 Silk Brocade

The 8 Postures or Movements (sometimes called 8 Silken Movements) for health and vitality are listed below :-


1  Upholding Heaven with both hands

2  Drawing the bow 

3  Raise hands one at a time

4  Turn and look behind

5  Bending the trunk and stretch the neck

6  Touching the toes and arching the back

7  Punching with angry eyes

8  Raise the heels to keep illness away


Different teachers and authors may vary a little from this list.

The 8 postures above follow the structure in Stanley D Wilson"s (Ph.D) book - Qi Gong for Beginners. Eight Easy Movements for Vibrant Health.


Click on the youtube link below to watch similar movements performed by JessieTsao


As a physical art, Qi Gong is the method of building and balancing the body"s energy to promote health and heal illness. It calms the mind and relaxes the body

As a spiritual practice, it is a way of developing ones essence, energy, and spirit (higher self) to live in harmony with ourselves and the world.

Qi Gong is a major part of Chinese medicine.


So....... Qi Gong for Health and Harmony



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 online live classes      every week.

  Tai Chi Tuesdays
  11 - 11.40am
  PilogaFit Fridays
  11 - 11.40am
Please email for details..
In the event of a second lockdown this is the proposed additional timetable for the duration
Monday      PilogaFit            6.00 - 6.40pm
Tuesday      Tai Chi             11.00 - 11.40am
Wednesday PilogaFit         11.00 - 11.40am
Thursday     Tai Chi            11.00 - 11.40am
Friday          PilogaFit         11.00 - 11.40am
This is the weekly fee per household.
One class                      £4 
Two classes                  £7
Three classes               £9
Four or 5 classes        £10 ( so 5th class free)
If you are unable to attend a class for whatever reason you can carry the money forward to a future class/ week.
The intention is that you only pay for classes you attend, not for classes you miss !
Secure/confidential payment options 
1 Bank Transfer - TSB 
   Online or cash to over 500 branches
2 PayPal (
4 Cheque by post 
Please email for details 



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All ages and abilities welcome

Classes run during school holidays



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