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Chen Tai Chi

24 Form  - please click - Inspirational



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Chen Broadsword 

23 Form


Tuition available for individuals and small groups.


Learn the traditional  Chen style Tai Chi 23 form Broadsword.(Sabre)


This is still sometimes referred to as "the thirteen broadswords" as there are 13 basic sword movements.


The motions are Rolling, Closing, Prickng, Blocking, Cutting ,Hacking, Scooping, Cross cutting, Twisting, Shaking, Supporting, Slicing and Tilting. (Chen Zhenglei - "Chen Style Taijiquan, Sword and Broadsword"


Combining hardness and softness in harmony with quick and slow balaced Yin & Yang energy.



As taught by 19th generation Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang.(Grandson of Chen Fake)


Inspirational Grand Master Chen Fake, please click  - Chen Fake


Chen Xiao Wang demonstration, please click -  Chen Sabre demo


Only wooden swords are used and we start by connecting to slow graceful yet powerful Silk Reeling movements. Experience the many health & vitality benefits.



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tigersden   for best quality reproduction wooden swords

LiuYeDao (Swalllow Leaf Sabre)
YanMaoDao (Goose Quill Sabre)







Chen Double Broadsword

35 Form



Chen Xiao Wang demostration

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Chen Zhenglei 35 postures














Chen Spear & Staff  

71 Form  (9 sections)

Incorporates original Chen 24 Form


Chen Xiao Wang  - Pear Blossom demonstration


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Demostration 2   


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Referred to as the "Pear Flower & White Ape Staff", the form combines both weapons.


Chen Wangting formulated the routine, making it one of the most ancient Taiji forms based on a 24 movement spear form made famous in the Song dynasty. 


The spear is recognised as the "King of Weapons" It helps develop stronger energy flows. It enhances practice of other forms.

A widely qoted expression is "one hundred days  to practice broadsword, one thousand days to practice spear"










Chen Straight Sword - Jian 

49 Form


Following Chen Zhenglei:   Book - "Sword & Broadsword"


49 Postures ~ "The original and oldest one of the Taiji weapons routines" (Chen Zhenglei)

Republican Jian - Tigersden - wooden replica swords





Chen Double Straight Sword    39 Form 


Following Chen Zhenglei's instructions.


"Based on the double sabre routine.

Incoporating techniques from the Hand and Single Jian forms".






Chen Double Baton  

18 Form


Following Chen Zhenglei's instructions


"An ancient short weapon 70-90 cm in length. Seldom practiced today.


Enhance coordination and arm strength.


Techniques are uplift, push, hook, cut, point, block,chop and wave"




Chen Long Pole 

13 Form


Following Chen Zhenglei's instructions


"Also called Long Spear. 


Three meters long - White Ash. (Can be learned initially with a short pole/cane).


Main techniques - stick, wrap, coil, block, slam, shock, drag, hook, push, jab, shake,up block and uplift"



Chen Halberd (Guan Dao)  

30 Form


Following Chen Zhenglei's instructions.


"Chen's Taichi Spring and Autumn Halberd is also called  - The Green Dragon Crest Moon Halberd.

It was the weapon Chen Wangting was best at, that gave him the nickname - General Guan

Known as - The General of All Weapons"






Chen Laojia  - First routine - "Old or Big Frame"

Family syle - Original Chen TaiChi hand form. 

74 small forms divided into 13 long form sections.



Following Chen Zhenglei's instructions.


"Emphasizes softnes but an element of hardness, blended into a harmonious whole"




LAOJIA & SWORD classes starting soon please visitCHEN TAI CHI HEALTH -WELLS




Chen 24 Fan Form






Chen Spear 24 Form


Exeter School Tai Chi - following  Master Chen Ziqiang









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