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          HEALTH TAICHI                                                                  including online classes       

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This very important section sign posts invaluable information and essential resources/reading/study materials.


Tai chi History and syles. - click here


Dr Paul Lam Tai Chi for Health. - click here


Dr Yang - Understanding Qi Gong and Qi. - Click here



Daoist Joint Therapy - Loosen up Movements


Chen 18 loosening  movements. - click here


YouTube demonstration of loosening. - click here





Chen style Silk Reeling


Chen style "Silk Reeling" - click here


Chen Silk Reeling, part 1 - Click here

                              part  2 - Click here

                              part  3 - Click here




Qi Gong 8 Silk Brocade


Click on the Youtube link below to watch Jessie Tsao perform a version of the 8 Silk Brocade.



Tai Chi Qi Gong  18 (Shibashi)


Click the link below for an illustrated guide to each of the 18 Shibashi postures.



Wudang Five Animals Qi Gong

These are advanced postures and only included for interest, not for beginners

Click here



Tai Chi 24 (Beijing) Form demonstrationsExerCare

Professor Li Deyin teaches the 24 Form. click here


Dr Paul Lam 24 Form instructions. click - here


A YouTube demonstration of the 24 Form. - click here


Another YouTube demonstration of the 24 Form. - click here




Personal Training  & Private Classes  (being developed)





Chen Style. - click here





Wu Style. - click here





Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. click here





Bristol School Tai Chi (Chen style). click here





NHS guide to Tai Chi. - click here





National Institute for Health - click here






Mount Tai. - click here








Recommended book highlighted in the below article

Confessions of a Tai Chi Snob. - click here
 (This website resource is currently being developed with information available soon)



Getting your stuff done ! - no time for Tai Chi ?

"Tales of Mere Existence"

Displacement activity. - click here

or "Use Your Mind for a Change"








Health TaiChi  zoom            online            classes

 online live classes      every week.

  Tai Chi Tuesdays
  11 - 11.40am
  PilogaFit Fridays
  11 - 11.40am
Please email for details..
This is the weekly zoom fee per household.
One class                      £4 
Two classes                  £7
Secure/confidential payment options 
1 Bank Transfer - TSB 
   Online or cash to over 200 branches
2 PayPal (






Start any time

All ages and abilities welcome

Classes run during school holidays



Please log on 10 minutes before the class starts, to settle in and prepare.

We always start on time.







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